Presque Vu is an app that triggers reminders based on your proximity to a designated person. I worked with two programmers from concept to working prototype.
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My Contribution

My role focused on research & design.
• Concept validation
• Literature Review
• Usability testing
• Prototyping (paper to hi-fi)
• Report writing

User Testing 1: Ease of Creating a Reminder & Use Cases

I tested six participants to test for ease of creating a reminder and to identify unique use cases for this service.


• Made UI look like a simple reminder list
• Rolling this context-aware feature into a larger reminder app
• The ability to designate only one person to a reminder

Possible use cases identified

1. Office workers that need a reminder based on the proximity they are to their co-workers
2. Reminds a user of what they were last talking about with another close friend or family member.

User Testing 2: Defining Proximity & More Use Cases

I tested four participants to understand the following:
1. What distance should you be from the other person for the reminder to be effective?
2. What scenarios would they use this in?


Default reminder triggers when person is within a five-minute walking distance. Participants said they had to be close in order for the reminder to be effective.
“It’d have to be less than 5 min away for me to do something about it.”

The use case would have to be very specific. As a use case, three of the four interviewees would use this in a working environment and usage would be restricted to a specific building.
“I will share some locations, like my office work or something.
I dont want to share that I am at a home, or I am at a bar.”


Our working prototype is a web app designed for mobile screens.
• Front-end development: HTML5, CSS3, & Javascript.
• Server side coding: Express web application framework for node.js.
• To communicate with the client we used Websockets implemented using
• To deploy to the server we used Heroku.

Presque Vu back-end flow

Privacy Considerations

We take privacy seriously. These are the privacy considerations we addressed:

• Clearly listed all personally identifiable information that our app collects
• Encrypted data both locally & during transfer
• Minimized the number of data collected
• Included a privacy policy disclosing what data we collect and why

Data Collection Transparency: Presque Vu declared what personally identifiable information it would collect before download.

Future Work

• Enable natural language input
• Enable selection of multiple people
• Ability to set the distance for the reminder