Phase 2: Design of a Service to Help Hypertension Patients

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), one of the largest healthcare providers in western Pennsylvania, tasked my group of five with researching and designing a patient-facing tool to motivate hypertension patients adopt healthier lifestyles in partnership with their clinicians.

Using research from phase 1, I helped design a service that includes a mobile app to help hypertension patients adopt healthy habits. Due to the NDA agreement with our client, I cannnot post screenshots or detail the specifics of our work but I can share in-person the detailed printed report.


• Idea Generation
• Navigation Map
• Interactive wireframes
• Prototyping (lo-fi to hi-fi)
• User recruitment & testing
• Report documentation

Narrowing to One Idea


We generated 50⁺ ideas internally and through a client workshop. Then, we consolidated the 50⁺ ideas into groups with similar themes. Tat narrowed the ideas to 12.


We tested these 12 ideas through storyboards with users to gauge their interest and how likely they would adopt these ideas. From this, we narrowed down to 2 ideas.

Business Validation

We presented the 2 ideas to our client and they selected the one that provided greater business value.

Taking One Idea Through an Iterative Design Process

Paper Prototype. Quick sketch of our idea on paper to validate general service and interface hunches.

Experience Prototype. We performed a wizard-of-oz test for three days to validate the service.

Interactive Prototype. Interactive wireframes to simulate functionality. This tested interface usability.

Working App. Hi-fidelity working app used for three days. This tested both the service in-situ and interface usability.

Moving Forward: A Longer-Term Pilot Test

Based on user tests, the solution has the potential to change patient-clinician relationships and drive patients to be in-control of their hypertension. We have passed our solution to UPMC for further development and pilot testing for a longer period of time.